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Adi Tatar: Russian "elections" are a joke! :(( Are there any naive people who believe in their results?

Putin’s main crime against the Russian Federation is the complete discreditation of the elections. Quite righfully, nobody believes in this farce. Morever, after Putin, Thank God, finally goes away, this way or another, people will still disbelieve in democratic principles, mechanisms, institutions, etc. This guy has done more damage to the Russian Federation and all the nations/peoples living in it, than all the communists taken together. But the main result of his activites will be the disintegration of the Russian Federation into smaller states, including the united Idel-Ural. Without realizing that, he is working towards our independence. Short-term, he is causing us a lot of trouble. Long-term, we shall praise him as our hero and the main destructor of the remnants of the Russian Empire. :))

18-02-12 12:19
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Adi Tatar Russian "elections" are a joke! :(( Are there any naive people who believe in their results? 18-02-12 12:19
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