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Nadir Däülät: Ali Akish has passed away (1918-2011)

Ali Akish has passed away (1918-2011)

Today on July 17, 2011 in the morning a leading personality of Tatars in diaspora Ali Akish has died in Ankara. He was born in Manchuria (Hailar), where he received his primary and secondary education. Then he was sent in 1936 with other three fellows to Cairo by the İdel-Ural Turk-Tatar National Culture Center. The Center wanted them to become clerics. But these youngsters couldnt adopt harsh situation of Cairo and were searching new possibilities.

In 1938 Ahad Genish and Ali Akish received an invitation from Tatar diaspora leader Ayaz Iskhaki (Idilli). So with great enthusiasm they went to Warszawa, where the Yanga Milli Yul (New national path) was prepared. But with the German invasion of Poland in the mid of 1939 all anti-Soviet émigré organizations were jeopardized. Luckily Ali Akish and two of his friends received Turkish passports from the Turkish Embassy and were able to immigrate to Turkey.

Akish lived from 1940 to 1966 in Turkey where he was involved in diaspora national movement. His pamphlet Problems of Idel (Volga)-Ural and Soviet imperialism printed in 1963 received a great attention also from USSR. In 1966 he became employee of Radio Liberty, where he worked as journalist at Tatar-Bashkir service. In 1983 he retired from this position and went again to Ankara.

He was able to visit Kazan, the capital of Tatarstan in Russian Federation. He welcomed by nationalistic minded intellectuals and given a title called President of All Tatar League.

In his long life he struggled for the rights of Turkic peoples in Volga-Ural region.
Prof.Dr. Nadir DEVLET

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